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Feel lighter, less bloated, more vitalized and less intolerances with a fun and simple detox that includes food! The good news is that certain items like supplements; foods (in section bestseller) ; portable smoothies & jars (in section others) are available on my online boutique to help you during this journey.


Also you can swap lunch and dinner (of the same day) if this is more convenient to your schedule.


Our liver is a major organ that metabolizes hormones & gets rid of toxins which can affect our weight, our energy (mental/physical) as well as our overall wellness. 


A Detox is always recommeded during a seasonal change, after heavy holidays or to bring back your body to homeostasis (bringing a balance among all the body systems which is needed for the body to survive and function correctly).


This simple Detox plan will help you feel better, lighter, clear your skin & more vitalized in only 21 days! 


You will receive a downloable link with:

Once purchased - allow few minutes to receive the link (see spasm) or you will directly receive the link to download once you paid


1. Meal plans to help liver health for 21-days (Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner/Snacks)


2. Recipes (including recipes created by me)


3. Detox groceries food list and products to include / to avoid


4. Wellness & Self care healthy tip


5. Natural supplement suggestions


6. A Certificate of completion for participating in a 21-day detox


Get ready to embrace a new side of yourself - mentally and physically. Are you ready ?



* None-refundable

* Online store Nutri-Holistica/shop only available in Canada (you can try to find the equivalent product in your area)

*  Coconut water can be replaced by filtered water


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