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A great way to start the New year along with your workouts or even during sesonal changes which can affect your energy levels, acute intolerances or allergies. 


This simple detox plan will help you feel better, lighter, clear your skin, less bloated and more vitalized in only 21 days!


You will receive a downloable link with:


* Meal plans to help liver health for 21-days (Breakfast/Lunch/dinner)

* Recipes (including recipes created by myself)

* Detox groceries food list and products to include/avoid

* Wellness & self care healthy tip

* Natural supplement suggestions 

* Certificate of completion for participating in a 21-day detox


Get ready to embrace a new side of yourself - mentally and physically. Are you ready ?

Liver Detox wellness (ENG)

  • NOTES:

    • Please allow few minutes for the downloable link to enter your inbox (or verify your spam)
    •  Non refundable
    • Each individual has a different biochemical composition